Multistage Horizontal Pumps

Dynapro Pumps Multistage Horizontal Pumps are between bearing pumps designed for high-pressure applications.  The same internals are available with axially split single case or double case for light fluids or very high pressures. These pumps are designed with opposed configuration to minimize axial thrusts at all operating conditions, thus guaranteeing pump reliability and durability.

Several units operate at speeds exceeding 5000 rpm, and are driven by electric motor via speed increaser or gearbox or by using steam turbine or gas turbine. Rotor stiffness and axial balance make these pumps suitable for boiler feed applications.


This group includes the JTH, HDS, and BFI series pumps.

■  JTH Series is API 610 (BB3) pumps, latest  edition, have axially split cases and are designed for heavy duty applications in general, and pipeline applications in particular.

■  HDS Series is API 610 (BB4) Pumps are ring section type suitable for medium pressure services and suggested for water application only.

■  BFI Series is API 610 (BB5) Pumps are double casing end covered suitable for high pressure services and low specific gravity liquids.  BFI pumps are usually used in hydrocracking processes, reactor feeding and high-pressure water injection, and related high pressure services.  These pumps are radially split and also available with an inner bundle cartridge that reduces maintenance downtime.

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