API 674 Quintuplex Pumps - QDP Series

Dynapro Pumps QDP Series are designed in compliance with API 674, Latest Edition.  The pumps are horizontal arrangement, modular design system, reciprocating power driven pump, quintuplex single acting, plunger type.

Design Features and Benefits

Power End Frame
. Gray cast iron one piece construction for added strength and durability
. Symmetrical design allows for left-hand or right-hand drive and easy conversion
. Versatile design accepts V-belt, chain, gear, or clutch drive trains.

. High strength forging steel construction is standard; forged alloy steel is available for special applications
. Designed for use with tapered roller bearings to carry higher crankshaft/rod loads.

. Circular full piston type crossheads evenly distribute rod load to power frame
. Polished stainless steel crosshead stubs for long seal life
. Double sealed crosshead stub seals to prevent oil loss and oil contamination
. Crosshead extensions connect to plungers outside of power frame for easier maintenance.

Connecting Rod
. High strength cast steel construction
. Precision automotive type Babbitt lined journal bearings.

. Splash and gravity lubrication promotes lubrication to all moving parts, keeping the oil constantly circulated and cooled
. Oil sight gauge allows quick convenient observation of power end oil level when running or idle.

Fluid Cylinder
. High chrome steel material is standard; stainless steel, aluminum bronze, duplex, and super duplex stainless steel are available as required
. Threaded NPT connections or flanged for higher flow rate are standard; other special connections available upon request
. Spring loaded valves for positive closing
. Large volumetric areas through seats for reduced fluid velocity and efficient fluid transfer
. ColmonoyTM coated steel plungers are standard; other coatings and materials are available as required.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – API 674, Latest Edition.
Design Pressure Rating – Up to 1750 barg (25375 psig).
Temperature Rating – Up to 100 °C (212 °F).
Flowrate – Up to 430 m³/h (1930 USgpm).