Axially Split Case Double Suction Pumps - DVS Series

Dynapro Pumps DVS Series are utility pumps designed in accordance with ASME and factory standard.

The pumps are horizontal arrangement, between bearings, double suction, axially split case, foot-mounted, side/side nozzles orientation. It has the widest range of capacity. They can be used for water transfer; from oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, power generation, mining, pulp & paper, general industries, and related services.

All materials are available as standard to match your applications; CS, 304SS, 316SS, and specialty or higher grades are also available. Standard Documentation, Testing and NDT packs are offered. Alternatively the packages can be tailored to fit customer exact requirements.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – ASME & Factory Std.
Design Pressure Rating – Up to 15 barg.
Temperature Rating – Up to 100 °C.
Flowrate – Up to 10000 m³/h.
Differential Head – Up to 130 m.
Speed – Up to 3600 rpm.