Chemical Injection Pumps API 675

Chemical Injection Pumps API 675 – DPX Series

  • API 675 Std Compliance
  • Controlled Capacity or Volume
  • Horizontal Arrangement
  • Modular Design System
  • Diaphragm-Plunger Type
  • Plunger Type Available
  • Single Head Flowrate Up To 24 m3/h (106 USgpm)
  • Pressure Up To 160 MPa (1600 bar, 23200 psi).

The pumps are high quality products that meet the stringent specifications of factory standard as well as compliance with API-675 standard pumps under heavy- and medium-duty conditions.

To meet these demands, this product range is available in a wide spectrum of materials of construction and numerous design alternatives.

DPX Design Features

  1. Power End –
  2. Adjustment Mode- Manual, electrical, pneumatic, frequency converter.
  3. Adjustment Mechanism- Patented design of integrated sleeve adjustable eccentric mechanism with compact structure, high transmission efficiency, rigid design with high strength for extreme operation, long service cycle, and convenient maintenance; adjustment range from 0% to 100% with stepless adjustment.

DPX Design Features

  1. Power End –
  2. Integrated worm gear with low noise, high efficiency with low energy consumption, large torque, low maintenance cost and long service life.
  3. Fluid End –
  4. Built-In Pressure Relief Valve- No external flow line reduces leakage, minimize hydraulic space from over pressure, and protects safety operation.
  5. Check Valve Assembly- Provide quality metering accuracy; the design of check valve meets requirement of all working conditions.  Ball valve, flat valve and cone valve are also available.
  6. Limit Valve- To prevent hydraulic space from excessive oil supply, avoids excessive deformation of diaphragm, and provide prolong service life of the diaphragm.
  7. Diaphragm- PTFE or Teflon, multi-directional rolling and quenching treatment enhances tenacity of the diaphragm with rigid design for  prolong service operation.  Single diaphragm, double diaphragm, and triple diaphragm are available.
  8. Pump Head- High pressure design and protects diaphragm effectively and provide smooth operation.