Slurry Pumps & Dewatering Pumps


Dynapro Pumps Company manufacture and package a complete lines of Slurry Pumps and Mine Dewatering Pumps; from Slurry Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible, and High Pressure Triplex Piston Slurry and Dewatering types.

Dynapro Pumps Slurry Mining Types are superior, heavy duty, robust, with excellence designs capable of handling tough, abrasive, and harsh services.

Pump Applications are available from General Mining Slurry Pumps, Mill Discharge Pumps, Dredge Pumps, Sump Pumps; Mining and Mineral Processings as such Copper, Iron Ore, Gold, Steel, Alumina, Coal, Kaolin, and related services.

The Dynapro Pumps Dewatering Packages are available for services as such Mining Dewatering, Construction Dewatering, Flood Control, Water Transfer, and Emergency Pumping Systems.

Materials of construction are available for fresh water to mining slurry liquids; Standard Cast Iron, 316SS, Duplex SS, High Hardness Metal, and Rubber Lined.  Specialty Materials are available upon request.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – API 610, API 674, API 675, Mining Std.
Design Pressure Rating – Up to 500 barg (7250 psig).
Temperature Rating – Up to 100 °C (212 °F).
Flowrate – Up to 10000 m³/h (44000 USgpm).
Differential Head – Up to 5000 m (16405 ft).
Speed – Up to 3600 rpm.