Horizontal Between Bearing Pumps - API-610 BB1, BB2 Series Pumps

Horizontal between bearings pumps are used for various applications including boosting, transfer, circulation and feeding. They are characterized by a stiff rotor designed for heavy fluids and double suction first stage impellers for the best performance at low suction pressures.

Radially Split
This group are the HVD and ROV type. Both have radially split cases and top-to-top nozzles orientation, and are designed for continuous duty, particularly for refinery service with hot fluids.

■   The HVD Series is API-610 BB2 Pumps are single stage, double suction, and centerline mounted. The pump feet are designed to maintain alignment at elevate temperatures.

■   The ROV Pumps are two stage, and centerline mounted, single or double suction at first impeller to suit low NPSHA conditions. The case has an integral crossover to convey liquid from the first stage to the second, and a double volute to minimize shaft deflection and wear.

Axially Split
This group are the DVH (API-610 BB1) and DVS types. Both have axially split case, double suction impeller. The DVH model is single stage or double stage, and adapted to oil pipelines and hydrocarbon transfer. The DVS model is single stage and adapted to water or general light duty applications. They have a side-to-side nozzles orientation and are designed for continuous duty.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – API 610 (ISO13709), Latest Edition.
Design Pressure Rating –
Temperature Rating – Up to 427 °C (800 °F).
Flowrate –  m³/h ( USgpm).
Differential Head – Up to m ( ft).
Speed – Up to 3600 rpm.

API-610 BB1
DVH Series Pumps


API-610 BB2
HVD Series Pumps

DPC-HDS- BB4-101

API-610 BB1
DVH Series Pumps

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