Dewatering Pumps - CST Series

Dynapro Pumps CST Series are dewatering pump packages available for services as such Mining Dewatering, Construction Dewatering, Drainages, Flood Control, Water Transfer, and Emergency Pumping Systems.

The CST pumps are horizontal, centrifugal, solid handling, heavy duty, robust construction, trailer mounted or stationary baseplate, vacuum-assisted self-priming with a simplex separator where separate air from the liquid.  Through a vacuum pump provided in the system, the air is sucked and makes automatic rapid priming.

The pumps are equipped with P-I-P (Prime-Idle-Prime) Auto-Switch which will automatically operate from priming to “idle position” after priming process is completed and back to priming as demanded.

Dry Running Protection System provide three(3) types of dry running seal options; (1) oil reservoir lubricated mechanical seal, (2) air cushion protected mechanical seal, and (3) grease lubricated lip seals configuration. Either of them can secure the pump dry running condition for a long period operation.

The pumps are directly coupled with diesel power units either HATZ or other heavy duty diesel engines with up to TIER 4 Final.

Heavy duty fabricated steel construction trailer with 4-tyres for mobile flexibility design, as well as stationary baseplate is available.

Materials of construction are available from High Chrome Alloy Steel to CD4MCu.  Specialty Materials are available upon request.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – ANSI, ASME, Mining Std.
Design Pressure Rating – Up to 15 barg (217 psig).
Temperature Rating – Up to 80 °C (176 °F).
Flowrate – Up to 2000 m³/h (8800 USgpm).
Differential Head – Up to 150 m (492 ft).
Speed – Up to 3000 rpm.