Deja Vu All Over Again (Episode 22) the only where Xena and Gabrielle and Joxer’s souls are reunited when you look at the 1990s and Xena and Gabrielle find out, however it’s appropriate on-screen because Xena is with in a man’s human body.

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Deja Vu All Over Again (Episode 22) the only where Xena and Gabrielle and Joxer’s souls are reunited when you look at the 1990s and Xena and Gabrielle find out, however it’s appropriate on-screen because Xena is with in a man’s human body.

Season 5

Fallen Angel (Episode 1) the only where Xena and Gabrielle are angels. And Xena then gets cast into hell because this woman is Xena and wants to murder. Then she invades paradise to be with Gabrielle. After which they come returning to life. Confusing and weirding story arcs make me horny we guess.

Chakram (Episode 2) the main one where Xena does not have any memory and Ares tries to benefit from her then she gets her memory straight straight right back, and an extremely-angry-at-Ares Xena is just a appearance.

Animal Attraction (Episode 4) the main one where as it happens Xena got impregnated by Callisto’s heart season that is last.

Little issues (Episode 8) the main one where Rose McIver of iZombie continues to be a child that is small since it is the ‘90s) and it is possessed by Xena because Lucy Lawless had been expecting, and Gabrielle and Aphrodite pretend to be Norse conjoined twins and oil wrestle with another set of actual conjoined twins.

Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire (Episode 10) usually the one where there’s a whole musical quantity in a bathhouse and another where Gabrielle is caught in a cage putting on a fringed bikini that is go-go.

Punchlines (Episode 11) where Gabrielle and Aphrodite have a slumber celebration.

Amphipolis Under Siege (Episode 14) where Athena desires to murder Xena’s son or daughter, Eve, because it is destined to lead towards the loss of the gods and Ares edges with Xena because he’s exactly that horny on her behalf.

Hitched with Fishsticks (Episode 15) the main one where Gabrielle imagines she’s married to Joxer but they reside beneath the ocean, have seafood kids, as well as you can find catfights in a pool.

Kindred Spirits (Episode 17) usually the one where Joxer views a entire large amount of nude Amazons in addition they wish to discipline him by firmly taking their attention.

Antony and Cleopatra (Episode 18) the main one where Cleopatra is murdered therefore Xena disguises by herself as Cleopatra and seduces Antony killer, and Gabrielle gets only a small jealous of those fruit that is eating making call at slow-motion to Natalie Merchant.

Death when you look at a person’s eye (Episode 19) where Xena and Gabrielle fake their fatalities therefore well Ares assumes it certainly happened and places them in ice coffins that freeze them for effectively 25 years.

Livia (Episode 20) usually the one where Xena and Gabrielle awaken and find away Ares happens to be banging Xena’s child whom is currently 25 yrs old and a Roman general.

Motherhood (Episode 22) the main one where Xena kills nearly the entire pantheon that is greek also chakrams the rear of Gabrielle’s mind and she just lives because Ares provides up their immortality to truly save her (and in addition Eve).

Season 6

Heart of Darkness (Episode 3) the main one where Xena and Gabrielle wear latex dresses to dancing when it comes to Devil and seduce him into Hell.

Who’s Gurkhan (Episode 4) the only where Xena and Gabrielle do sexy dances a harem Gabrielle’s niece from intercourse slavery.

The Abyss (Episode 6) the only where Xena and Gabrielle cuddle for heat in a cave then Gabrielle gets capture by cannibals that appear to have some kind of ball gag adjacent kink.

The Rheingold, The Ring, The Return of this Valkyrie (Episodes 7-9) The people where Xena: Warrior Princess interprets the Rings saga and Xena gives up her memories of Gabrielle to battle Odin and Gabrielle gets put in a band of fire by Brunhilda, that is in love with her, and Xena needs to kiss her the spell on both of those.

Old Ares possessed a Farm (Episode 10) where Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares are really a throuple.

The God (Episode 12) the main one where Xena has to take Aphrodite’s divinity from Caligula.

To Helicon and Back (Episode 15) More Amazons.

Forward into the Clones (Episode 16) where a number of very horny Xena fans clone Xena and Gabrielle into the current.

Whenever Fates Collide (Episode 18) you should really skip watching when you’ve watched every single other episode because its an ideal finale where Caesar steals the Fates’ loom and modifications history so he could be hitched to Xena and she and Gabrielle are strangers then again they meet and instantly fall in love.

Numerous returns that are happyEpisode 19) usually the one where Xena gets Gabrielle a Sappho poem on her birthday celebration and additionally they fly down to the sunset.

A buddy in need of assistance (Episodes 21 and 22) those who are theoretically the finale of this show nevertheless the ending is meh. Xena does teach Gabrielle her signature pinch and informs her she’s the final thing she really wants to see whenever she dies, after which later Gabrielle spits water into Xena’s lips to create her life but child, oh boy does she utilize lots of tongue.

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