API 676 - Rotary Gear & Twin Screw Pumps

Dynapro Pumps HAG Series are designed in compliance with API 676 for reliability in handling viscous liquid applications.  HAG pumps are positive displacement, twin screw rotary pumps designed for bulk transfer of liquids.  The HAG Series are available in many frame sizes with a selection of different pitch screw sets to match system flow requirements at 50Hz or 60Hz direct electric motor speeds.  Pumps may also be driven at other speeds from diesel engines or other prime movers.  The material and design options available enable the pump to be offered for most bulk liquid transfer duties across many industries.  In particular, the pumps are used extensively in transfer system, bulk loading and unloading duties in the Oil, Marine, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries.

The HAG pumps offer a low maintenance unit cost with minimum material requirements.  The pumping element consists of two contra rotating shafts from which right hand and left hand screw shapes are accurately machined.  The pumping screw set conveys the liquid being pumped from each end and out through the centre.  The screw shafts are carried by roller bearings at the drive end and ball bearings at the non drive end. The driven screw is synchronized from the driving (upper) screw by a pair of hardened and ground timing gears.

Performance Envelope-
Design Standard – API 676, Latest Edition.
Design Pressure Rating – Up to 60 barg (870 psig).
Flowrate – Up to 1,500 m3/h (6,600 USgpm).
Viscosity – Up to 100,000 cP.
Temperature Rating – Up to 100 °C (212 °F).