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An international group of companies specializing in design and manufacture of engineered pump products, both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, and its related pumping system.  The pumps application fields are oil & gas exploration, hydrocarbon processing, refineries, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, mining, power generation, pulp & paper, and general industries.

At Dynapro Pumps Company, we produce a complete portfolio of high quality pumping equipment, provide competence technical capability and related services at competitive solutions.  The pump products are in compliance with API 610 or ISO 13709, API 674, API 675, API 676, API 7K, NFPA 20, including ANSI, ISO, and other world popular standards, as well as meet the most severe service requirements. Pumps main production for manufacturing, assembly, and test are managed by our International Operations based in Hong Kong, with production and test based in China; for special cases production and test in European Union based in Germany and North America based in USA and Canada.

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api-610-oh1_oh2_oh3_oh4Overhung Pumps

Dynapro Pumps overhung pumps group cover API 610 OH2 Pumps, API 610 OH3 and OH4 Pumps, ANSI Process Pumps, Mining Slurry Pumps, and Self-Priming Pumps.

api-610-bb1_bb2_split-caseBetween Bearings Pumps

Dynapro Pumps between bearing pumps group cover API 610 BB1 Pumps, API 610 BB2 Pumps, Double Suction Split Case Pumps; horizontal and vertical configurations.

api-610-bb3_bb4_bb5Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Dynapro Pumps horizontal multistage pumps group cover API 610 BB3 Pumps, API 610 BB4 Pumps, and API 610 BB5 Pumps.


api-610-vs1_vs3_vs4_vs6_vspVertical Pumps

Dynapro Pumps vertical pumps group cover API 610 VS1 Pumps, API 610 VS3 Pumps, API 610 VS4 Pumps, API 610 VS6 Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Vertical Cantilever Slurry Pumps.


api-674_api-7k-driling_well-services_slurryReciprocating Pumps

Dynapro Pumps reciprocating pumps group cover API 674 Triplex and Quintuplex Pumps, API 7K Triplex Drilling Mud, Well-Services, and Slurry Mining Service Pumps.


api-675_api-676_nfpa-20Specialty Pumps

Dynapro Pumps specialty pumps group cover NFPA 20 Fire Fighting Pumps, API 675 Metering Dosing Pumps, API 676 Rotary, Gear, Screws, and PC Pumps.


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